Ducati 916 oil leak could be harder to find than I thought

With modern machines it is unusual to have a oil leak so when my Duke developed a leak back in July 2011.  I continued trying to find where it was coming from and took the bike apart. If you look at the pictures below, I have taken off the fairings which had oil inside the fairing, There is oil under the clutch slave cylinder and on the other side of the bike with the clutch cover off. There is oil contained and dripping from the bottom of this compartment that holds the clutch plates and clutch basket. This was corrected in the next blog when Harry helped me to take apart the clutch and replace some of the parts and a new oil seal at the back of the clutch basket. Today there is oil coming out from the other side of the clutch rod, opposite the clutch basket so I am researching what could be the issue now. Is it only me that gets upset at oil leaking, even though its a few drops.

The drops of oil are pointed out above

Ready for service


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