Cost of belt change and service on a Ducati 916 bp.

One of the most common questions when buying a Ducati is on the service costs regarding belts and shims. Below is one of the services that I carried out. Parts cost around £30 for good quality oil and oil filter. I think they are easy to service.

Once a year I service my Ducati 916bp. As last year I changed the belts, then this was a minor service in June 2011. I checked all the cycle items steering, swinging arm for any play etc. The amount of pad material on the pads front and back. Changed the brake fluid for the clutch and front brake as the fluid was dark. This also helped to increase the feel of the brake. Now it does not flex as much. I carried out a change of the engine oil and replaced the oil filter, draining the oil after the engine had reached operating temperature. Took out the gauze filter and cleaned the odd gasket glue off. Took out the air filters and cleaned the sponge in petrol then when they dried out, re soaked them in air filter oil. Now at 35000 miles the bike starts within a few turns of the starter motor and is returning around 45mpg. A good sign that the bike is working as it should.



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