Should I have fitted a new fuel pump, filter and cleaned the tank?

I have owned the 916 over ten years now and am reaching over fifty one thousand miles. It had started to cut out on the odd occasion and will start up within a few seconds of stalling. There was no pattern to it and on discussing with Harry, his view was that the fuel pump needed replacing.

The stalling was so random. For instance going to work twenty two miles. One way would be okay then on return it would cut out once. The next day it would be fine. This was how it went maybe once a week it would cut out.  Once a month. There was one occasion on the way back home from work it cut out. Would not start and even after thirty minutes of parked up still would not start. The following morning I was happy as something must of failed and would be easier to troubleshoot. I pressed the start button and away it went. Any how as Harry mentioned the fuel pump…

So I ordered a replacement from ebay where they can be bought for around thirty pounds. I did enquire from Ducati and was told it cost one hundred and thirty pounds. As it was such a large difference I went with the ebay offer.

Having taken off the tank and removed the fuel pump assembly from the bottom of the tank. I looked inside and noticed the black protective film on the tank was bubbling away. Once I pulled some away I could see that there was rust underneath. This was also in the fuel filter that I replaced.

When you carry out any work on the tank. Make sure you have the large green spare oring for under the tank and the two little orings that fit on the petrol pipes. Both of these if they have been on the bike a long time need to be replaced. They also stretch or cut on the fuel pipes when taking them on and off. New o ring seals ensure that you do not get any petrol leaks on your engine.

It was good that I had noticed the black coating on the inside of the tank as over time this could have caused further problems.

This was back in March 2017 and today after running the bike for a month or so. It has not cut out once. I have tuned the throttle injectors to balance the opening from tick over, which seemed to help with starting and running. Making it seem smoother and pick up quicker. I guess as one cylinder was fighting against the other.

It is being used as a daily commuter now so the miles are racking up and the bike is being used which is good. fifty two thousand miles so far.

Have you found leaving your motor cycle tucked away caused issues?



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