Ducati 916 bp Rivets on the Termignoni need new as the old ones corroded

Ducati 916 termignoni exhaustDucati 916 Termignoni exhaust

A couple of pictures of the exhausts off the 916 above.

I had to take the Termignonis off as some of the rivets had corroded. Where the ally part corroded and broke away. The metal bracket that supports the carbon exhaust cans came off. On each end of the exhaust you can see a metal bracket that holds the carbon to the end cans. On one of them two had came away and the bracket loose.

It was still ok to use but as the bike is parked up. I have taken time to remove the exhausts and fix. Gaetano lent me a pop rivet gun. I drilled out the old ones and replaced with new rivets. Only about three were needed but I took this time to remove any that looked as they were starting to corrode. This way I know when back on the bike it will last longer before needing a fix again.

I can also use this time to clean the bike easier as the main parts are off.

I always think it is good to clean the bike as I caught site of the bracket coming off. Keeping the bike clean is good as catching any issues early and keeping it in tip top condition.



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