TPS cough and splutter fixed. Petrol, misfire, electrical gremlins what could it be weber

Picture of the throttle cable where it connects to the linkage to be removed.

Picture of the throttle cable where it connects to the linkage to be removed.

2015 - 1

Help goes around and with the help of Brad, Harry, the internet. I have found the fix. The cough and splutter at low revs has stopped.

Some times the fault can be opposite to what you think. I have been working on replacing the tps as it has been on the bike for around 7 years and the original tps which I changed had a fault. This made me think it was at fault again. The misfire, cough and splutter seemed to be very similar to the fault many years ago. Very difficult to trace.

Have you ever had a problem and then just guessed the fault? Was it right?

Before I replaced the throttle position sensor (Weber tps PF09/04 2877), I knew that I had to adjust the old one and set it up to double check if this was the fault. The bike seemed to give the same problems then as it warmed up, the gauge around to the normal warm up temperature. Just over 140 and the bike would cough and splutter. Some times forcing the throttle open would clear it and it would go ok. Other times it just seemed to go ok.

I removed the tank, seat, air box cowling and side panels.

The real fix of the fault was to follow Brads website and keep to each stage. I took my Ducati 916 to Harrys garage where he has a co Analyser and used this to adjust the fuel injection. After following adjustment of the tps, The air bleed screws on both fuel injectors (7 in Brads link), Adjustment of the air bleed screws with the co analyser.

I did wonder if I had a intermittent temperature sensor and previous to this carried out some checks to the temp sensor, the air sensor. After following those steps, the bike is fixed. I have road tested it several times and it seems cured.

For some reason it must of worked out of tune and this was enough to cause it to start misfiring. Thinking back to the bike and how I have serviced it. I have not adjusted the tps since fitting the new one. Maybe I should use this to bring in a service schedule and carry out a tune after a certain amount of time or mileage.

Link to Brads site

It is an excellent site with detail of the steps to take. He has taken the trouble to help even if you do not have a co meter or analyser.


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