Is the intermitent misfire fixed? on the 916. 49,000 miles on the clock

The last time I went out on the Ducati 916 bp a couple of weeks ago. It was only a few miles down the road before it started to misfire and stutter. Not able to drive the bike as it kept cutting out and was stuttering, strugling to move up the rev range. I gave up. I brought the bike back home and swapped bikes to go out.

A couple of days ago I looked at the bike again and tried to check what could be causing the bike to misfire. I had found water in the fuel, changed the fuel filter and thought it was fixed. So I started the bike up, let it tick over. Nothing it was working ok and even when up to normal temperture ran ok, revved. I thought it best to take the bike out and check on a road test as it now seemed ok.

I took it out on a fifteen mile run to Box Hill, nothing. It worked as it should. Pulled in all the gears, revved as it should. Picked up from low revs. I let it cool down and then the journey back, again no problems.

Could it be fixed?

Another run a day later on the bike to central London, this involves slow moving traffic. The engine normally gets up to high tempertures, if there are any electrical components that could be breaking down. This is a good test. On the way there, no problems, on the way back all clear.

Looking back it must have been the water in the tank. There could have been some water on the injectors that had not cleared. As now the bike seems to be working ok. If you get a intermitent problem, persist but also take time to make sure that you have done a good job. I can remember getting most of the old petrol out but not flushing the tank. This could have left some small amount of water in the tank and caused the misfire.

For now the bike is up to 49000 miles. Looking back from my first day of ownership the bike has been very reliable although leaving the bike out in the elements has caused issues like this. Water gets through the key hole into the tank. Water and petrol do not seem to mix very well and also trying to ride the bike when it misfires is so frustrating. There has only been two other times where the clutch basket nut came undone. I had to stop at the side of the road, remove the cover of the clutch and hand tighten. Another time the battery was flat and I had to jump start the bike. The Ducati has a brilliant design of showing the positvie of the battery from the fairing. This allows jump leads to be connected with taking the seat off or trying to find where the battery is on some many other models.

How does this compare to your view? Would you believe that an Italian bike would be up to 49,000 miles with no major failures.


Ducati 916 Bp

Ducati 916 Bp


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