Misfire when the bike is warm. Is it the tps again

I have been using the Moto Guzzi recently so the Ducati has been laid up. I believe it is no good for mechanicals to be left still and the 916 bp has been parked up for a while. As I went to use the bike this weekend. I managed to get down the road and as it warmed up and reached temperature. On mine it is around 140 a third of the way around the dial.

The bike started to misfire. I assumed it was water and kept adjusting the throttle to open and close. At times it would pick up and go as normal. By the time I reached an A road some 15 miles away. The bike was at this point cutting out. If I waited for the temperature to cool. It would be ok again for a while. So I turned around and managed to get back home.

Today I stripped down the bike, checked the plugs as my initial thought was it could be water in the plug cylinders. No water was found so I moved on to the tps. I connected a ohm meter and turned over the throttle to see if i could catch the tps failing. I could not see any issue. From memory the last time I had a problem is that the tps when warm needs to send the correct readings to the ecu. This is when it fails as the engine is warm. So I let the bike tick over. As it got to the right temperature it cut out.

I now think it is the tps as when the bike is warm the bike starts to cut out. Also if the bike is switched off. The throttle open and closed several times. The bike behaves strange and revs high and cuts out. Either the tps is sending the wrong readings or the ecu or wiring connections are affecting the voltages received.

I am going to order a Weber tps PF09 to see if this is the issue. Have a listen to the bike on the video attached.


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