In the cold weather will your Motor cycle start on the button? Is it reliable or Italian

My Moto Guzzi although old and a classic has some issues. The coils failed, have been replaced,  but now I think the carburettors are needing attention. The california starts but is popping when driving along and does not start as quick as it used to. Those carbs need to be investigated.

So it was over to the Ducati 916 bp, press the starter button and it fired up. The bike started up within a few turns. It is at times like this the difference between old and new technology shows. That even though the bike has not been used much. The battery is on a trickle charger due to the old type alarm that will drain over time. The Ducati and all its electronics still proves to be reliable even in weather as below.

On the journey through London it reminded me one of the benefits of the Ducati is that it is so slim. Filtering between the cars in the traffic is a lot easier than the Moto Guzzi. The mirrors at the right height. The clutch is slightly heavy but as it is not often used in town. Not a worry for me.

Comparing the two bikes with yours is Size important?

Instagram picture vinnychoff Cold morning frost

Instagram picture vinnychoff Cold morning frost


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