How much it costs to own and run a Ferrari or How much it costs to run a Ducati 916 bp for a year

I read a interesting article on how much it costs to run a Ferrari. Doug DeMuro bought a Ferrari 360 in America and used it for a year, adding five thousand miles. I have always as a kid thought it would be cool to have a Ferrari. The more I read about them, the more I wonder if a Ferrari is the one that I want though?

In some ways this made me buy a motor bike. My Ducati 916 bp has a claimed top speed of 165 mph and a 0 to 60 of just over two seconds. No Ferrari can beat it from the lights. They are so much cheaper to run. My bike can manage forty five miles to the gallon normally. I clocked it at over 60 when only covering motor way miles travelling to Italy. The tyres cost just over two hundred pounds a pair although only last just over ten thousand miles. I can imagine that one tyre on a Ferrari is more than that. The service costs have been very little although I carry out my own servicing or when stuck have been helped by Pat Higgs or Harry Smithson.

I can travel into London or go on a overseas trip which I think that Doug DeMuro talks about is the downside of Ferrari ownership. Why own a Ferrari when you can have a Ducati 916?

This made me think about my Ducati 916 Biposta. I was put off buying one back in 2006 as the word out there was they were expensive in all ways, service, parts and ownership. Italian electrics were shoddy. Even though most of the electrics on these bikes are influenced or are Japanese manufactured.

If you look at my blog and the past updates I have owned the bike since 2006 where I paid just under three thousand pounds. At the time looking through the MCN classifieds there were quite a few 916s to choose from. I picked this one as it was the cheapest and that I wanted to use it on the road. I was not that worried about condition. I wanted to use it as a daily rider. It was a two owner bike and had just over twelve thousand miles on the clock. The first owner was the shop as a demonstrator and then a private keeper. I can remember buying with my heart and not my head as the alternative was a Yamaha Fazer 600. This would have been cheap to service, reliable and would have been adequate. I have worked as a mechanic since the age of sixteen and the Yamaha brand is one that I admire for their quality. This in some ways made me keep off buying an Italian Ferrari on two wheels for some time. I wonder how life would have been if I had the Fazer?

Today I am so glad that I bought that bike. It is still worth similar money. The current list of bikes in MCN showed the cheapest at five thousand pounds.The bikes are still sought after.

When I look at the bike parked I can see the design of the bike is so clean and artistic. Massimo Tamburini must be pleased with his legacy of the bike. The shape of the tank and the body work is a piece of art. The way that the exhaust pipes route under the seat looks so clean although in summer the heat is not nice. In winter it is a nice addition. The single sided swinging arm adds the looks. The bike does not age and still pulls comments at lights. When I have been parked conversations have been started on the bike and its looks or sounds. The Ducati dry clutch rattle, the termis or the looks.

When I think of ownership and servicing costs. The insurance for me started at just over a few hundred pounds. This has gone down to under two hundred pounds but due to my age and years no claims is very cheap. The excess is always high at five hundred pounds but any drop even stationary can scratch or damage fairings. Mine has many scuffs and scratches but from a distance still looks ok. I have always liked the look of a show room condition bike but find it is not practical if you want to use the bike.

I have covered forty three thousand miles on the bike and travelled to Italy, Mugello race track, The Stelvio pass, In that time it has let me down once on the way to work. This was part my fault and something I fixed at the side of the road. The clutch centre nut came undone. As I carry a tool kit, I took off the cover, five allen screws, hand tightened the centre clutch nut and when home popped to a dealer to tighten the nut and add loctite to stop it from loosening. There have been a few other issues but these are fixed when at home.

It still puts a grin on my face as the bike pulls from low down. Is very slim and can fit through traffic in the smallest of gaps. I have great memories of a charity run to La Touquet in France where it kept up with newer bikes with more power. I can park in London for free as a motorcyclist. The termignoni exhaust pipes sound awesome and as the bike was originally a race bike with lights handles extremely well. The suspension could be classed as slightly hard but this is not extreme. Modern day tyres make for great grip in cornering.

Actual costs have been little as I have carried out all servicing apart from a couple of times. Pat and Harry helped me to fix belts on the bike. This should be carried out every two years and the Ducati belts are three times the cost of the Renault Clio belts that I have used. I have had the bike in my dining room as I do not have a garage and when needing the bike for the next day. Worked inside to fix it. Thanks Harry for that evening helping me although winding my wife up about oil and petrol inside the house did not help. My bike never leaked or dropped any inside the house.

If I compare costs to other bikes it would only be the cost of the belts and the adjustment of the shims that is time consuming in comparison. Although one benefit of this is that the bike is so easy to take apart and service. Ten zeus clips hold the fairings on. One single ninety degree turn and each one is removed. One single allen screw holds the tank on. The seat only has two rubber clips that hold it on. In a short time the bike is ready to have a major service.

There are so many reasons that it is a great bike that I have not advertised it for sale. I was near to it but it still is active and on the road where it should be.

How is yours in comparison?

2010-06-13 08.59.35


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