The seven wonders of the world. The Stelvio pass. The “best driving road in the world”

Below is a review of the Stelvio Pass from my trip advisor account. Wikipedia have a great resource.

It was back in 2013 June that we travelled there in a group of six. I drove the Ducati 916 bp from the UK to Italy. Travelling to the Bella Italia camp site in Lake Garda. The trip to the pass was one day which I will always remember. link to our actual record on google my tracks.

Do you have any memorable trips?

I planned this motor cycle trip to the stelvio pass from a while back. I remember watching the top gear motoring programme where they said it was the “best driving road in the world”. They was lucky to have four wheel super cars but to be honest even a push bike would of been epic.
The Road has so many turns, you climb into the clouds and every where you look is a picture. I still have vivid pictures in my mind and remember the experience.
If you have this as a to do or its on your bucket list. Then read the reviews to help. I could not find any thing bad only that the road is some times closed at certain times of the year. We arrived in June of 2013. There was still snow at the top of the mountain but it was open all the way through if we had wanted to travel the whole road.
We started from the Italian side and rode up for a couple of hours. Then turned around and came back down. We took pictures at a few places from the side of the road.
There are buildings on the way but would suggest you eat or drink before you drive up. On one of the straight pieces of road on the mountain a beaver ran out in front of me. It was tiring turning from one turn to the next with my Ducati 916. A smaller lighter motor cycle would have been better. I also would have liked to have travelled up in a soft top car or by push bike. Travelling slower to take in the sights.
The road is quite small in places and the turns are very tight so travel carefully while you are in awe of your surroundings.
I hope its a experience as good as mine. When people ask me I put the stelvio pass in one of the seven wonders of the world. I do like cars and bikes and have several blogs so do enjoy travelling on two or four wheels.
We filled up with petrol before the ascent and had a coffee and a meal on the way back down. There seems to be lots of places before the road to try. When we stopped at the cafe there was plenty of friendly bikers to talk to.
I organised this holiday for six of us on motor cycles. We made a base at the Bella Italia camp site in Lake Garda. I have reviewed it before if you look at my profile. For bikers it is not ideal in that we had to walk from the car park to our accommodation. This was quite a way on hot days, carrying all our motor cycle gear, helmets, gloves, luggage. The motor bikes had to stay at the site entrance which is secure as near security guards present all night. If you do travel from Lake Garda then allow time for the journey there and back. We also traveled over some lovely mountains and had lunch on the way to the Stelvio. This was also a great experience in itself.

From Bella Italia camp site on the 8 days we spent there we went to the Motogp race at Mugello race track, The Stelvio pass, Local restaurants, a Tour around Lake Garda. There is lots to do around the north of Italy with the Motor cycle and car factories near by. The Moto Guzzi museum was an enjoyable experience.

Let me know if the review helped you or if there was some thing else that i should have added. Vinny

img_79333.jpg stelvio pass three bikes National Park dello stelvio stelvio pass italy

Half way up the Stelvio Pass

Half way up the Stelvio Pass


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