A set of light weight wheels can make the most difference you can buy to improve more than just handling

The Ducati 916 bp is back on the road now. One of the many decisions I had to make, to replace a front wheel damaged. While in Italy on a trip to Mugello to watch moto gp. On the way back on the motorway. I hit a pothole. It was so hard that the wheel was squared off.

The front wheels fitted on the 748, 916 seem easy to dent as talking to a local Ducati dealer this was one of the most sort after items. A replacement front wheel. He had a set of Dymag wheels which were lighter but I did not like the look and wanting a thousand pounds. The wheels appearance would also make a drastic change to the bikes looks. 

There are so many wheels to choose from Marchesini, Bst carbon, Dymag, Brocks performance. Just a few with a quick search of the net. The main advantage with most replacement wheels are that they are lighter but with looking at reviews most mentioned that the wheels other than Marchesini are weak and possible cracks develop. As the wheels are lighter there seems to be most talk on forums about cracks appearing or damage on the roads.

Keeping them standard was the option and cheaper. So looking at older wheels on ebay most needed a refurbishment. This bought more concerns as the heat used to powder coat wheels mentioned that this could weaken the wheels and cause issues later on. It was proving difficult to find a wheel. 

Finally a second set of original three spoke wheels with tyres that were used on the track. Found these and have bought them to put on. Since I have owned my 916 I have wondered if the bike would handle better with a 180 rear instead of the 190 tyre fitted on the back. These wheels have a 180 rear so it will be interesting to see the difference.

It would have been nice to improve the bikes handling with lighter wheels. This would have made it quicker in a few ways. Less rotating space so less momentum to brake, to improve on acceleration and finally handling. Lighter wheels must be able to help turning quicker. Although the condition of the wheels are very good.

Have you ever considered different wheels?



Ducati 916 748 standard three spoke alloy wheels.

Ducati 916 748 standard three spoke alloy wheels.


One thought on “A set of light weight wheels can make the most difference you can buy to improve more than just handling

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