Fuel leaking out of the fuel tank

The bike has been parked up outside for over a year under cover. One of the times recently trying to start the bike. I Realised that there was no petrol in the tank. On closer inspection where the bike leans over on the side stand. There must be some water in the tank as rust has formed and the tank leaked petrol. After tanking the tank off. there was a patch underneath that showed petrol stain. Cleaning up the tank, using sand paper and a drill. The tank was prepared for some chemical fix.

After leaving the tank to cure for 72 hours. The tank was put back on the bike. When the tank came off there are two o ring rubbers that need to be replaced as they perish slightly. The two o rings replaced mean that no fuel will leak under the tank. Ducati part number 88641181a anello ring. will fit the sty-748-998-900m-ss/03.


fuel pipes o ring anello

have you any service tips on your 916?




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