Starts on the button after a year off the road. Italian reliability

The bike has been off the road for over a year parked up under cover in the outside elements. Today turning it over it would not start. Only when i checked inside the tank did i see that there was no petrol. As soon as I added petrol and turned it over. It started on the first press of the button. So good to see that when a bike is serviced, the reward is it starts on the first press of the button.

The reason the tank was empty was evident when looking closely. That the tank was leaking again, I could see a brown stain of petrol leaking around the bottom of the tank. I bought a tube of metal weld and again made sure that the tank was cleaned around the area. I can see that what has happened is as the water has settled on the lower side. When the bike is on the side stand this would be on the lowest part and the water would settle. The area in the tank has rusted and there are two holes. Hopefully now I have cleaned with sandpaper and cleaned with alcohol after. Only time will tell now as it takes 72 hours for the glue to completely  set.

Another issue where it has been outside and surface rust can be seen. Is the bike would not go into gear as the clutch plates were stuck together. This is a common occurrence on bikes when they have been left a long time. On the 916 bp it was a quick job to take off the cover and remove the clutch plates. Clean them up and put them back in. A spin of the engine and the bike when all back together now has a clutch that works. In the picture you can see how rust has formed on the plates. This made the plates stick and the bike jolted forward as the clutch would not work.


Next is preparing the bike for mot and the road.

ducati 916 bp clutch basket

ducati 916 bp clutch basket

Ducati 916bp clutch basket

Ducati 916bp clutch basket


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