Still no miles added this year to the Ducati 916 bp only 48327 miles on the clock


Just started the bike up after fitting the battery. The bike has been parked up and only covered 48327 miles so far. This year it has not moved only starting it up around a month apart. The clutch plates are stuck together but hopefully on the first outing this will free up or will have to remove the clutch to inspect. I was pleasantly surprised how easy the bike started after fitting the battery. The battery is coming up for three years old and still manages to turn the bike over quick enough to start from cold. I was chatting to oddbike who has a great site and also owns a Ducati 916 with over 37000 miles. I think it is great to see bikes such as these that are being used out on the road. All the time the bikes sit parked there seems to be problems. All the time I used the bike regular it was as reliable as many other bikes out there at the moment. Also the engine is all original with no work carried out on the top or bottom end.


How many miles have you covered on your bike?


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