Battery Problems on any bike that stop it from running

Ducati or even Italian motor bikes have a bad reputation on starting. The Ducati has been laid up resting while I use another bike to work. Today on trying to start the bike with it being on charge. I was wondering why it had not taken a full charge and was not up to turning over the bike. Jump starting the bike from another battery which the Ducati design is so easy to use. The positive battery lead is easily accessible from the right hand side lower fairing. With one positive jump lead there and the negative onto the frame of the bike. It spinned over and started after some months of standing. Any other bike would have normally had to have the seat off or be hard to access the positive leads.

The battery is now removed and underneath the connections a deposit can be seen that is the cause of a bad connection. Over time and no use the battery leads seem to build up corrosion. This has happened on my Moto Guzzi as well. I must research what is the best to use for under the connections.



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