Ducati 916 speedo drive


Ducati 916 speedo drive drive fitted today. I looked at second hand ones for around forty pounds and wondered how much a new one would be. It was 31.37 plus the vat from Protwins in Surrey. Genuine Ducati part. This shows you have to be careful. Some parts new are cheaper from dealers than second hand. I also bought a indicator which was just over ten pounds new.

The fitting of the speedo drive and wheel is more than a simple fix. The speedo needs to be in a upright position. At around one or two o clock when the lug touches the speedo housing. One problem with the new one. The lug has been removed in the picture. This was too long and meant that the forks would not get too close. I managed to push this off and use the old one. The old speedo had just worn out. The drive was dry and the plastic worm gear in the speedo had worn out. It was not touching the gear or turning the cable. Also while on the trip abroad. I noticed that the speedo was out in comparison to the garmin gps fitted to my bike. I could see that there was as much as ten miles an hour difference.

When I test the bike I hope the speedo will be more accurate.



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