Front wheel bearing replace on Ducati 916 bp


New Ag wheel bearings 6005. 2Rsr. C3 fitted today at 46,545 miles. I found that trying to remove the wheel bearings with a screwdriver was not very easy so I found that the best way to remove them was to hit with a small breaker bar. This was round and seemed to catch the bearing from within the spacer.

There was a slight rumble from the front end when braking. Also the speedo had stopped working. On taking the wheel off the spindle was hard to take out with signs of water inside. When looking through some of my receipts I could find that I have replaced the wheel bearings every two years. For some reason it seems the bearings do not last that long.

I wonder if it is in the way that they are fitted onto the bike. I used to think that pressure washing the bike could be a reason or having a hose pour water over the wheel when cleaning could have a effect. Also with the fit of the front wheel, as the spindle is a loose fit and the wheel nut pulls the spindle there is a technique in making sure the wheel is put in correctly. with the bearings only lasting two years I will have to look at the way to fit and see if there is something that needs changing.

How long do your wheel bearings last?



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