Ducati electrics who to blame not the manufacturer

It is one of the most comments about the bike that Italian electrics are no good. To put it polite. The truth is that they are quite good on the Ducati 916 bp as most of it is made from the Japanese20130518_184821 and the connectors are even one more and sealed.

I am on a trip to Italy some three thousand plus miles round trip and wanted to clean the bike and check a few things on the bike. As i degreased the bike and stripped all the parts of the bike. I found a issue on the bikes electrics. It was to do with the datatool alarm. The positive fuse had only one strand left compared to the twenty or thirty copper strands that are normally connected. I realised that this was one of the reasons why the bike had a lazy starter. For some time i stripped the starter motor and could not find out why the engine turned over so slowly.

In the picture you can see it has broke. When i took the picture i had bought another fuse holder to solder into the alarm. When I made the new connection the bike turned over normally and fired up. It seems that all this time i was using the bike it could of broke. If this broke there would be no power to the alarm and the bike would not start. Sometimes it pays to take time and clean you bike thoroughly taking note of all connections and inspecting for any wear or unusual indication.

Here is to safe starting from the Japanese electrics.





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