Ducati high Mileage 42000 miles and climbing

Looking at the speedo I can see the miles are creeping up and with a trip planned to Italy from the UK. The miles will increase by a few thousand.

While in Italy we plan to visit the Stelvio pass, Mugello race track to see the moto gp race. We are going to be based in Lake Garda and there will be lots of exploring of the area as the roads were made for learning. Not many straight roads but awesome views and lots of bends.

The trip will add two to three thousand miles on the bike. At the moment it is 42k but is this a high mileage. My friend Harry has bought a Triumph tiger which I am using at the moment with 51000 miles on the clock. It made me think with all those miles to go. That I should carry out a check over the Ducati before the journey.

The idea of checking the motor cycle over will help to make sure that any of the possible failures are covered. The best way to prevent this is to go over the bike carefully. One way is to clean the bike thoroughly.My first partial clean I realised that the air filters had not been cleaned in a while. I could see that the foam filters needed cleaning in petrol and soaking in oil.

Next I looked at changing the engine oil and filter. Next on the list is to check the brake pads, change the brake fluid.

One of the normal checks is to go over the cycle parts first. check the  tyres, tyre pressures, oil level, visually inspect all over the bike looking for any breaks or signs of wear. After a clean most parts will have a visual check and even closer inspection.

Have you checked your motor bike recently20130504_091651.



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