Motorbike travel to Italy lake garda Mugello

I am planning a trip to Italy, Lake Garda area. It is a lovely area for holidays with the bonus of some great roads around for motorcycles. The stelvio pass is north of the lakes made famous with top gear driving fast sports cars. The sound of aston martins, lambogorni and ferraris.

Also around the lakes are some mountain roads with great views, very little traffic and Italian drivers that are interested in the journey. I think that there is a big culture difference abroad compared to here with road rage. One of the reasons I believe is that there are more cyclists of all ages that drive cars. Also there is a high amount of young moped drivers 14 is the legal age that they can drive. These moped drivers turn to cars later.

They seem to give cyclists more space on the road. Are more forgiving of other motorists be it on two wheels or four wheels. The only down side is that they are impatient and want to get to their destination quickly. Here in the UK how many times have you been slowed down by some one in front of you that makes a point of enforcing you cant get past and drives slowly. I have never had it happen in Italy. I wish more drivers in the UK learnt to drive on two wheels, push bike or motor bike to have an appreciation of the road and other users.





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