Pirelli angel st tyres fitted for a second time. How long can tyres last

HavingImage My clock reads 39096 miles and have just fitted this rear tyre on my Ducati 916 bp. I have both new Pirelli angel st tyres on the front and back.

I fitted a 120/60 ZR 17 M/C (55W) TL on the front and a 190/50 ZR 17 M/C (73W) TL on the rear. There is a lot of debate on the tyre sizes to use on the forums. I took these sizes from the Pirelli web site for fitment on the Ducati 916.

I have read that the 180 rear profile can be fitted on the 916 and that this gives a sharper response to handling. I cant comment as I have replaced the old 190 with the same size. One reason is that the old tyre was fitted about ten thousand miles ago. Which I think is a pretty good life for sport touring tyres. I have not had any worries with driving in wet or dry conditions and am pleased with the grip level.



2 thoughts on “Pirelli angel st tyres fitted for a second time. How long can tyres last

  1. I have the Angel ST on my GSXR as well. The rear tyre’s standard size was 190/50 as well, but the bike has always had 180/55 for the rear tyre. I bought my used GSXR with Diablo Stradas 120/70 & 180/50 and changed them for Angel ST with the same sizes. I’ve not used the 190/50 sized for the rear so I cannot comment. However, the 180/55 rear worked well for the bike and the Angel ST tyres are fantastic tyres. I’ve not had any bad experiences with them at all.

    I’ve just returned from a longish trip 2 up with my wife, heavy luggage and part of the way up and down windy mountain roads and the tyres just works. I love them.

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