Ducati 916 why I bought one and wondered about service costs, belts and shims.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to show my thoughts behind buying and maintaining a Ducati 916. I know there was a lot of talk out there on the net. That the bike was expensive, difficult to maintain. That Italian bike electrics are terrible and will let you down. This has been one of my favourite comment as when I have had problems in the past it has been down to the Japanese electrics. All the switch gear is made and comes from Japanese models. A lesson learnt in making a great bike is to use the skills and strengths of overs to help. An example is the regulator rectifier which I replaced with a Suzuki tl1000 and now have a mosfatt regulator rectifier which i believe is off a Yamaha r1. A modification that helps to put the correct voltage back into the battery with a top up charger of course.

I hopefully have covered all the problems that have occurred with the bike and there have been a few but I have shown that the bike is not one to be put off from as there is so much help from forums, videos, pictures and Ducati friends that will help fix and keep it on the road.

Unless you have some thing new that has not happened to me.


38000 miles and still going. The picture was when I wanted to get the bike out of the rain and cold while I worked on the bike in my dinning room. You would not know it has been in there.Imagec


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