Ducati petrol tank leaking jstick, weld or araldite

Today I noticed that there was a smell of petrol near my bike. I noticed a leak of brown oil which was from the petrol tank. I decided to use araldite to fix instead of welding, this glue is a two part putty adhesive. Mix until uniform and smooth onto the tank. Its a very good epoxy resin that I have used on bikes before. The tanks get water or condensation, the metal starts to corrode and leak. I had a old Kawasaki zephyr which I ran for two years with the putty sealing two leaks in the tank. I could not find a tank easy as there were not many models. For my bike I culd of bought a new one at £1500 or a second hand one from £200 but I am not sure if they would leak in time.

I made a mistake the first time around not cleaning all the way around the leak. There was more rust under the paint. that’s why this leaked again. This time I cleaned up and cut the ally tank part which holds the fuel filter in to give me more space to clean and get the putty to stick to.

below are some pictures of the stages.

I hope your tank does not leak but can recommend this putty for petrol tank leaks in steel tanks.



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