Wrist ache on sports bikes or cafe racers with drop handlebars

Back and wrist pain have to be one of the most common discussions I hear about sports motorcycles on race type bikes (R1, CBR, GSXR, RSV and Ducati 1098, 1198 to name a few) using them regular. Cafe racers also have the drop type handle bars.

I have been using my motorbike (Ducati 916bp) to travel to work for the last  five years and there has never been any strain on the wrists or back ache. Apart from the early days but….

For me it has to be that all the time you sit on the bike you concentrate on the stance. If you look into the reason for any aches or pains then the weight of the body is in a uncomfortable position with all the weight possibly on the handle bars and arched. Understanding the information that is out on the net is difficult with so much information out there what to listen to.

Talking to experienced riders you will hear the correct stance is to straighten your back so the top part of the torso is straight and the lower hip is in a s position with the lower spine less of a curve. Similar discussions are out there talking about chairs and the correct seating position.

There should be no weight on the handle bars as when I drive I can feel I have no pressure placed on the grips. I can feel the handlebars light and am able to move easier around corners using my body and pushing opposite on the handle bars. The other benefit I found recently when I had a session with a personal trainer Daniel Iaciofano on exercising. I had complained some of the exercises that I was working on seemed to cause pain in my lower back. It did not make sense to exercise and have pain in the lower back. After being told how to hold my back and spine in the correct position. This helped me in my seating on the bike and comfort.

Also on my bike if I curve my lower spine too much I can feel myself moving further up the tank away from the end of the seat.

Even now after five years I have found another improvement in posture. After a session with a personal trainer to check my posture in exercises I found that I was arching my lower back too much. when sitting on the bike if found I was sitting very near the tank. When I corrected my posture I found my contact was further back on the seat which also made sense.



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