Ducati common electrical problem Rectifier wires

Its not nice to have issues especially if they are a known problem. On the Ducati the two wires from the mag (stator) supply two wires to the rectifier. I had issues with mine and fitted a rectifier off a Suzuki tl1000. This has worked fine and only today I had a leak of oil which I will explain in another post. I stripped the fairings off and had to disconnect the rectifier to get to the oil pressure pipes. When I disconnected I could see in the block connecter that it had started to burn out. I have read that the wires from the engine are not man enough for the job and need to be larger wires so there is less resistance passing. This causes it to heat up and the pictures below are good compared to my previous and some I have seen on the net. A further search on the net and there are a lot of bikes that are affected by RR issues of either over charging or under charging. There is also talk of the RR over heating and that in the later models the fairings have larger vents and the RR are upped on amperage. The heat issue could be correct as the first picture shows a blob of shiny solder. I only noticed this on cleaning the connector. The current passing through must have been so hot it melted the solder so that it dripped out as in the picture. Something I have to consider in what happens next.


Two yellow wires from the engine. If you look close you can see what looks like solder. This is the start of it burning out.

The rectifier side is good but the connector is starting to blacken.

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26/11/2011 16:46

Greenwich Mean Time


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