Ducati 916 membership from President and CEO Gariele del Torchio

Below is my membership letter and card from

Gabriele Del Torchio

President and ceo of Ducati Motor Holding s.p.a

I have been to the Ducati factory to see the museum at

Via Cavalieri Ducati 3, 40132 Bologna, Italia

It is worth going and there are always lots of Ducati motorcycles to look at plus the history with lots to read. On the two occasions I have had different people take us around. For me both were different as each presentation had its own merits. I did not have my membership card at the time and could not get any discount. When they asked in the groups I was surprised how few on the tour actually had Ducati motorcycles or the membership card.

It has taken me a long time to get the card as my log book did not have the correct letters for the frame. After a few letters to dvla Swansea and a inspection at Wimbledon local tax office. I finally have the log book corrected and today received my membership.

I have owned my Ducati since 2006 so it is a little special to receive the card.


Ducati membership card


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